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Copy services

Copy machines provided by Fuji Xerox are available at each floor. Copy Card Vending Machines are at the first floor (only the NT$100 cards are available.). The second floor copy machine is only supported Easy Card.

Printing services

Printers are available at each floor. Printing service is charged by copy cards.

Scanning services

One scanner is available at the 1F open shelf area on the first floor. The scanner is for NTU library collections only. Reservation is required. Each reservation is limited to 30 minutes of use. Please have your USB thumb drives prepared to save data.

Another scanner is available at the Law Library. Please read the instruction of scanning services first.


Lockers are available on the first floor and for temporary use only. Dangerous items are not allowed. All items are left at the owner’s risk. We advise you to not leave money or valuables in the lockers. Lockers must be vacated at the end of each day, and anything found will be removed by daily inspection before opening.

Self-Checkout machine

Library users can check out books for themselves using the self-checkout machine near the reference desk on the first floor. Users can print the receipt to check their borrowed books. Please read the instruction and check the list carefully. If the machine cannot work, please go to the circulation desk for help.

Discussion room

Two discussion rooms are available for students and faculty members. Each room is for 5-12 people. Reservation can be made at the circulation desk.

Rental photography

Please refer to the NTU Library photography policy.


1F Multimedia Services Area

Multimedia Services Area mainly provides audio and visual educational materials pertaining to education and knowledge to support university research and teaching. Users can use computers to surf “Multimedia@Online”, which contains course reserves, VOD collection, etc. Rules of this area are as follows.

(1)Use devices and equipment with extra care. Any damage caused by improper use, the liability and compensation is responsible by users.

(2) Moving audio-visual equipment is forbidden.

(3) Open hours and maintenance time will be notified separately.


The NTU Library offers a wide variety of auto-visual media services in the 1F Multimedia Services Area. Multimedia service is only for the collection of the library, and personal material is not allowed to be played. Please use the equipment carefully. Users are responsible for the damaged equipment due to misuse. Moving the equipment is not allowed. Please check the opening hours.


2F Study room

Please refer to study room policy.