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Expand Your Vocabulary

All videos and resources on this webpage are produced and edited by Professor She-hua Chou. You are welcome to email with your suggestions or questions about learning English

Activate Your English Vocabulary
Vocabulary activation can be done via
1) Word Family
2) Free Association
3) Adding Words to Your Vocabulary

Useful Websites for English Vocabulary

Want to expand your English vocabulary? Take a look at the series, “Vocabulary: X Uses of Y”.

Vocabulary: X Uses of Y

The following videos are selected from BBC Learning English website, Vocabulary: Storytime (X Uses of Y). Doing shadow reading while watching the video will help you memorize the words.

* Vocabulary-4 ways to use the word 'break' – Romeo and Juliet part 1
* Vocabulary:5 uses of 'go' - Cinderella part 1
* VOCABULARY: Five uses of 'keep' - The Vampyre part 1
* Vocabulary-8 ways to use the word 'look' - Pride and Prejudice part 1

8 Modern Shakespearean Expressions

These videos help enhance your English expressions.