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Subject Librarian Service 

Subject librarians serve as liaisons between the academic department and the library to ensure that the library’s resources to be used effectively to support teaching and research. The main functions of subject librarian include are providing retrieval information and reference services, training and user education, promoting and marketing library services, and developing subject collections. Just contact your subject librarian to learn about the library resources!


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Department or  Research Centers

Subject Librarian

Dept. of Sociology

Program for East Asia Democratic Studies

Dept. of Social Work

Global Asia Research Center

Dept. of Economics

Center for Public Economics

Economic and Statistical Data Research Center

Bai hsuan Lee(ext.55607)

Dept. of Political Science

Graduate Institute of Public Affairs, NTU

Center for China Studies

Graduate Institute of Journalism

Graduate Institute of National Development

Risk Society and Policy Research Center

Fang-Ying Chiu(ext. 55612)

College of Law

Yu-Chu Hung(ext. 68917)