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Reference Service

The service aims at helping readers find the resource they need. Readers having any questions about the library can take a look at and 「Reference Service Blog」and「FAQs」or contact us in the following ways:

Tel:(02) 3366-8300 # 55600
Fax:(02) 2365-8902
Addr.: 10617 Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library, College of Social Sciences, NTU No. 1 Sec.4, Rooseveelt Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

Principle of Service

Questions about assignments, trivia, law or health care will not be accepted. The reply is only for guidance. We will instruct readers how to use the research tools or collect the information based on their questions but the ultimate answer is not provided. The service mainly helps readers solve the problems of library usage and information retrieval.

For readers who have any opinion or suggestion, please fill in the Feedback Form.Feedback