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Laptops in the Library and Internet Connections Services

Wireless Service

For faculty, students, alumni and non-NTU reader please use first and second floor Wi-Fi service (expect for the quiet zone in study room area B on the second floor.) For Wi-Fi connection please see how to set up a WIFI connection for details.

How to login to Wi-Fi service:


How to connect to wireless access:
For NTU faculties and students, please login with your Computer and Information Networking Center (C&INC) email account. 
For NTU alumni, please apply for an account for wireless access via C&INC first. Please visit C&INC website for more details.

*If you have no C&INC account please apply for it first via C&INC (how to apply C&INC account) then apply for a NTU free Wi-Fi account and the password.


For non-NTU readers please go to the service counter on the first floor, which is near the entrance, to apply for a temporary Wi-Fi account and password.


Remember to bring necessary access devices for Wi-Fi such as USB WIFI receiver (if needed) as we do not provide Wi-Fi connection devices or you may go to C&INC to borrow such devices.

Wired Access:

Laptop users please use Wi-Fi to connect internet. Wired connection is still construction and until further notice.