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Academic English

All videos and resources on this webpage are produced and edited by Professor She-hua Chou. You are welcome to email with your suggestions or questions about learning English

Useful Academic Writing Tools
When writing English papers, you can use online tools to help you solve the problems of using precise words, word collocation, avoiding Chinese English and plagiarism.

Active Reading: Mind Mapping

To read academic literature efficiently, it is a good idea to use mind mapping to sort out the key points.

Using English Dictionary

Proper use of English dictionaries (rather than English-Chinese dictionaries or translation tools) greatly benefits your vocabulary memorization and skills, as Professor Chou demonstrates here with Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online.。

Reading Strategies

this video explains why students may find reading English academic papers difficult and provides effective reading methods and strategies.

Academic English: Vocabulary and Style

Understanding the styles and vocabularies of academic writing helps your reading of English academic papers.(13:26)

Academic English Style: Hedging

An important feature of academic writing is the concept of cautious language, or "hedging". The reasons to hedge and the appropriate use of hedging are explained in this video.(7:41)

Tips for Reading Academic Journal Articles

Reading scholarly sources can be difficult. This video provides several tips for reading academic articles for greater effectiveness and efficiency.(7:08)

How to Write an Academic Abstract?

This video explains the basic components of academic abstract.(6:10)

What is a Literature Review?

Writing a literature review is challenging but can also be interesting. Professor Chou explains how by analyzing “what a literature review is not” and the right skills involved.(8:39)

How to Paraphrase to Avoid Plagiarism

Paraphrasing and rewriting are essential skills for avoiding plagiarism in writing academic papers in English.(13:17)

Academic Phrasebank

Academic Phrasebank ( Created by University of Manchester professor John Morley, this is a great tool for writing academic papers. In the video, Professor Chou demonstrates the best ways of utilizing this website.(6:39)