Why can't I use online resources even VPN connect successfully?

QuestionWhy can't I use online resources even VPN connect successfully?

There are few reasons that cannot access some kind of database, e-book or full-text journal when the VPN connect successfully and IP address start with 140.112.

  1. The VPN server is under maintenance.
  2. The database server is under maintenance.
  3. Maximum of users access the database in the same time. For example, “Factiva” is limited 3 people using database in the same time.
  4. E-journal may have the embargo situation for delay to provide full-text access.
  5. The database is requested user to enter the login account such as “TEJ”.
  6. The database does not support VPN off-campus connections. You must access the resources within specific network area or even use the specific computers such as “DataStream” or “Lawbank”.
  7. Adjust the operation order to “Log in to VPN → Enter the database” instead of “Enter the database first → Log in to VPN → Refresh the database”. The database server may save the original IP address in the first time and cause the VPN fails.
  8. Using the Pulse Secure client for connect VPN. Click here to know more.


If you have those situations, you can contact the library for help by phone (02) 33662326 or email tul@ntu.edu.tw .