Accessibility Services and Barrier-Free Facilities in the Main Library

QuestionAccessibility Services and Barrier-Free Facilities in the Main Library

The Main Library provides the following accessible services for people with disabilities and the elderly:

  1. Barrier-Free Facilities:
    • The library has accessible restrooms, barrier-free elevators, and entrance ramps (see floor layout).
    • To travel between the first floor and B1, please use the elevator in the cloister or contact the 1F Service Counter for assistance.
      (To go from the first floor to B1, please inquire at the 1F Service Counter; to go from B1 to the first floor, please contact the 1F Service Counter using the phone at the B1 Study Room's counter.)
  1. Services of library material borrowing:
    • If you need assistance locating or accessing books on the shelves, please contact the 1F Service Counter.
    • Self-check machines with adjustable height are available on the first, second, and fourth floors.
    • NTU faculty, staff, and students with disability identification or certification (issued by a social welfare authority) can apply for the Intercampus Loan Service and the Intercampus Document Delivery Service. (Allowed to request the items located on your campus)
    • You can also fill out an application form, "Power of Attorney for Library Borrowing(s)," in advance. Then, have a family member or friend present the ID cards of the declarant and their representative along with this form to the 1F Service Counter to borrow the books.
  1. Wheelchair Borrowing: Readers with disability identification (issued by a social welfare authority), seniors aged 65 and above, or those with special needs can apply for wheelchair borrowing. Please inquire at the 1F Service Counter.
  2. Priority Reading Seats: These seats are available on each floor for priority use by those in need.


Contact: 1F Service Counter
Tel: (02)3366-2353 / (02)3366-2326
Email: /



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