May I go to other libraries to borrow books by myself?

QuestionMay I go to other libraries to borrow books by myself?

Yes, We provide "Interlibrary Loan Card Services". 

NTU library cooperates with other domestic libraries (cooperative library list) and provides current faculty, staff and enrolled students with Interlibrary Loan Cards. Patrons don't need to pay any fee. 


1. During library open hours, readers may borrow interlibrary loan cards in person with their NTU ID card at the circulation services desk on the 1F of the Main Library.

2. Each interlibrary loan card can check out up to 5 books/items, and the loan period is 3 to 4weeks (depending on the rules of the cooperative library). However, renewing and request services are not provided.

3. The interlibrary loan cards for libraries in the Taipei region should be returned to the 1F circulation services desk in 3 days, and the cards for libraries in other regions should be returned in 7 days.

4. Readers should return the books/items they borrowed in cooperative libraries by themselves before the due date.