Where are the journals / periodicals / serials?

QuestionWhere are the journals / periodicals / serials?

They are located in different places. Please check the Library Catalog (SLIM) before you find them.

  1. If you already know the journal's title, please use the Library Catalog (SLIM) to find its location.
  2. If you want to find journals with a specific subject, enter the keywords into the search box and select the "Material Type" as "Journal" by using the "Advanced Search" on the Library Catalog (SLIM).
  3. The floor and the shelf number will also be shown if it is located in the Main Library.
    • The latest issues (current periodicals) are located on 3F and classified into three categories: Humanities / Social Science, Science & Technology, and Leisure.
    • The back issues (bound periodicals) are located on 3F and classified into two categories: Humanities / Social Science, and Science & Technology.
  4. Besides, journals located at other branch libraries usually relate to the Departments or the Colleges.
  5. For more information, please refer to the blog posts: