Which database should I use to search for newspapers?

QuestionWhich database should I use to search for newspapers?

On the NTU Library’s website, click on Databases, move your mouse to “Browse by type,” and click “Newspapers” to find a list of all newspaper resources.

Western-language newspapers databases:

Chinese newspapers databases:

  • 聯合知識庫-全文報紙資料庫 [UDN]: It provides the full text of 聯合報(United Daily News), 經濟日報(Economic Daily News), and 聯合晚報(United Evening News).
  • 知識贏家 [Knowledge Management Winner]: It provides the full text of 中國時報(China Times) and 工商時報(Commercial Times).
  •  台灣新聞智慧網 [Taiwan News Smart Web]: It contains 18 newspapers, such as 中央日報(Central daily news)聯合報(United Daily News) , 經濟日報(Economic Daily News), 中國時報(China Times), 蘋果日報(Apple Daily), etc. 
  • 慧科大中華新聞網 [WiseNews]: It covers over 50 newspapers and magazines in Taiwan.