Why am I unable to download full-text from a journal or access a database?

QuestionWhy am I unable to download full-text from a journal or access a database?
  1. NTU Library may only purchase full-text articles of a particular e-journal title or year in some databases. Please check the e-journal list for details.
  2. E-journal may have the embargo situation for a delay in providing full-text access.
  3. The database that you were unable to access might be one of the few that control access via IP and password. The usernames and passwords for these databases have been placed on the Library Databases site for you.
  4. Some databases are limited to a certain number of users at one time. The Library Databases site will indicate whether you should try later due to exceeding the limit.
  5. Some databases are limited to access within a specific network area.
  6. Some databases are limited to access in a specific building, or even on particular computers. 
  7. If you are not on the NTU campus, please set up NTU SSL VPN first.
  8. The database does not support VPN off-campus connections.
    (Electronic resources like databases, e-journals, and e-books have been made available through license agreements with the service providers. Except for those with additional notes, electronic resources searched through the online catalog of SLIM are accessible from off-campus).

If you need further assistance, please contact us. We will resolve any problems with the service provider as soon as possible.

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