Why can’t I locate a book that I found in the online catalog? Why isn’t it on the shelf?

QuestionWhy can’t I locate a book that I found in the online catalog? Why isn’t it on the shelf?

When you can’t find a book after looking it up in the online catalog, one or more of the following reasons might apply:

  1. Someone borrowed it:
    Please use the online catalog to check the book’s status as to whether it is “AVAILABLE.” Once the book is borrowed, the status will be changed to “DUE mm-dd-yy.”
  2. Different location:
    The book might have been placed on a different floor or in a different area of the General Library or it might be in a branch library. For example, the second floor of the General Library is separated into the Hum/Soc Sci Area, the Art Area, and the Comp Stack Rm. Please take note of the location as shown in the online catalog.
  3. Placed on the wrong shelf:
    We often discover books are placed back on the wrong shelf or floor. Patrons are asked to put books on book carts located near the shelves, library staff will place them back in their original place. Also, when looking for a book, it might be a good idea to search around its original shelf location.
  4. Another patron is currently using the book, or the book has not been placed back on the shelf:
    Materials may be on reading tables, in copy rooms, or on one of the carts. Again, we ask all patrons to checkout books before taking them into study rooms so as to avoid any inconvenience.
  5. New arrivals might be on display shelves:
    A new arrival might be on display. Please have library staff verify its location.
  6. Missing:
    When unable to find a book, you may seek assistance from library staff. If the book cannot be found, we will continue searching for it for some time. However, if the book still cannot be located, it will be noted as “Missing” in the online catalog. Readers can recommend missing books for re-purchase.
  7. Withdrawal or Removed from shelf:
    The status of “removed from shelf” or “withdrawal” in the online catalog indicates the book might be damaged or outdated. Therefore, the book may be removed from the shelf or withdrawn from the library and no longer available on the shelf.