I found a journal in the online catalog but can't locate it on the shelf. Why?

QuestionI found a journal in the online catalog but can't locate it on the shelf. Why?

This may be due to the following reasons:

  1. Another patron is reading it or hasn't returned it to the shelf:
    The journal might be on a reading table, in a copy room, in a cart, or is being read by another user.

  2. The journal was sent out for binding:
    If an entire year's subscription or a series of issues are not found on the shelf, it may be that the Library has sent them out for binding. In that case, a sticker with the words “Currently being bound” will be adhered to the shelf, specifying the name of the journal, issues, year of publication, and estimated time for them to be returned to the shelf. In the online catalog (SLIM), the journal will be noted as “Sent for Binding”
    (裝訂中) with the date it was removed also indicated.
  3. Placed on the wrong shelf:
    Please look around the area adjacent to where the journal is supposed to be located.

  4. The name of the journal/periodical has changed:
    Western-language periodicals are displayed in alphabetical order by title, and Chinese periodicals are displayed according to the number of character strokes in the title. A change in name results in a location change. If a journal on the shelf only goes up to a particular issue, please check the online catalog (
    SLIM) for its new name and its new location. 

  5. Unbound and bound periodicals are located on separate floors/areas:
    Unbound periodicals are located in the "Current Periodicals Area" on the 3rd floor in the Main Library. The back issues are located in the "
    Bound periodicals Areaon the 3rd floor, as well as in the "Compack Stack Room" on the 2nd floor.
    Please look for the periodical you need according to its location as shown in the online catalog. (examples)

  6. The journal is in another library:
    Please note the location of the journal in the online catalog (SLIM). Apart from Main Library, the University Library system also include several branch libraries and departmental libraries.

  7. The issue is not in the Library:
    Please note the field of "Lib. Has" of the journal in the online catalog: [1(1991)-2(1992), 4(1994)-9(1999)] means the Library lacks 3(1993).