Question Total views
May I borrow books for several years to conduct my research project? 31,554
When the message “IP Access Denied!” appears, what should I do? 29,489
May I make a photocopy or print the document in NTU Main Library? 13,869
How to find the Impact Factor or Ranking for a journal? 10,244
On which databases can I search for theses and dissertations? 8,269
What are the soundtracks of the library? 7,174
How to find Impact Factor for journals on EI Village (Compendex)? 6,157
What is the maximum number of items I can borrow from the Multimedia Services Center? How long can I borrow? Can I renew them? 5,035
Why can't I locate a book that I found in the online catalog? Why isn’t it on the shelf? 4,988
If NTU Library does not have a specific journal article, what should I do? How to apply for interlibrary services, such as “JADE”? 4,466
I am one of the students from NTNU/ NTUST. Can I download the e-journals, and read the e-Books of NTU Library? 3,846
How to log in My Library on SLIM (Catalog/Discovery System) to view my circulation record? 3,783
I am not an NTU student, may I borrow books from NTU Library? 3,497
How to upload my electronic theses or dissertations? 3,493
What is meant by "Grace Period"? 3,367
Are there any branch libraries or departmental libraries in addition to the Main Library? 3,316
How to use databases to listen to music? 3,315
How to know which journal title is covered in Web of Science? 3,232
Which database should I use to search for newspapers? 3,180
I graduated from NTU, can I still use databases on campus or at home? 3,110