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May I borrow books for several years to conduct my research project? 33,574
May I make a photocopy or print the document in NTU Main Library? 21,620
How to find the Impact Factor or Ranking for a journal? 15,547
On which databases can I search for theses and dissertations? 9,404
What are the soundtracks of the library? 7,552
How to find Impact Factor for journals on EI Village (Compendex)? 6,838
Why can't I locate a book that I found in the online catalog? Why isn’t it on the shelf? 5,674
What is the maximum number of items I can borrow from the "Digital Media Commons"? How long can I borrow? Can I renew them? 5,525
If NTU Library does not have a specific journal article, what should I do? How to apply for interlibrary services, such as “JADE”? 4,827
I am one of the students from NTNU/ NTUST. Can I download the e-journals, and read the e-Books of NTU Library? 4,303
How do I check the books I've borrowed and extend the due date? 4,190
Where can I find dissertations and theses in NTU? 4,152
What is meant by "Grace Period"? 3,991
How to upload my electronic theses or dissertations? 3,895
I am not an NTU student, may I borrow books from NTU Library? 3,782
Are there any branch libraries in NTU? 3,746
How to know which journal title is covered in Web of Science? 3,631
Which database should I use to search for newspapers? 3,608
What databases are for listening to music? 3,594
Where is "2F Compact Stack"? How can I access the books in "2F Compact Stack"? 3,436